Things to keep in mind before using Melatonin

A long lasting and great looking tanned skin is a likeable choice of the present generation. If you have a pale complexion, you won’t definitely mind having a golden skin tone. Melatonin, also known as “quick tan drug”, are the answer for that perfect looking caramel tan without getting sunburnt.

Although there are various other options, injecting the solution into the skin works faster than the other alternatives. These tanning products from various online sites are widely available in the form of injection, nasal sprays, premixed solutions and oral pills. But you should consider certain aspects, including any side effects, before using such peptide injections.

Different dosages for different skin types

Different people have skin pigmentation which requires different tanning peptide dosages. According to the Fitzpatrick skin type guide, you can use the specific amount of tanning solution to achieve your favored skin tan.

The below chart shows accurate dosage level for required tan.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type:  Dosage

1                                  30 to 50 milligrams

2                                  20 to 30 milligrams

3, 4, 5                          10 to 20 milligrams

Usually these problems are faced by people of different skin types while sunbathing.

  • People with Skin type 1 have extremely fair skin which burns but never tans.
  • Skin type 2 people have fair skin which also burns but with occasional tanning.
  • People having 3 to 5 skin type have medium to brown skin whose burning and tanning ratio fluctuates.

Preparing the skin before taking Melatonin

A proper skin preparation is necessary if you want to spot a gorgeous tan. One of the best ways to prep your skin is to go for a complete body exfoliation. Mild exfoliating agents cleanse your body of dead skin cells. Remember to avoid oil based exfoliates as they will not serve the purpose. Pay more attention to exfoliating certain parts of your body like elbows, ankles, knees and knuckles.

Choosing correct Melatonin treatment and solution

There are hundreds of tanning products available vouching to provide an excellent tanned look in a short span. If you have enough time in your hand, you can opt for tanning lotions and sprays. But these methods will not give you that gorgeous tan which you can get from using melatonin. After injecting this peptide, you can sit back and relax for the solution to kick in by itself. Without any effort, you can achieve a perfect tan in a sunless way.

Melatonin – Keeping it maintained

If you wish to retain your sunless tan, you need to follow proper maintaining techniques to make it last longer. If you are using Melatonin, all you need to do is inject the solution once after every 7 days. This will increase your tan’s longevity.

Also for durability, it is advisable to take shorter cool showers. Try not to scrub your skin as it removes the top skin layer dulling your perfect tan.

You have to make sure which product is best for you without giving any allergic reaction. Melatonin  products like Melatonin capsules are budget friendly and do not give the user any allergic reaction. Before you buy melatonin, you can go through genuine product selling websites to know more facts before opting for this product. No research can go waste when you do it to get a golden tan!

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