Making the Most Out of Your Melatonin Supplement

In the wake of a hectic lifestyle, the sleep schedules of people have suffered to a great extent. Hence, a lot of people suffer with insomnia of some kind or another.

Let us understand how our bodies act throughout the day. While we go about our activities on a daily basis, our biological clock, indicates our appropriate times of rest, as night falls. This in turn, is caused by a hormone called melatonin, which is released by the pineal glands in the center of our brains.

Secretion of this hormone happens at its maximum in babies and young ones. Melatonin is produced at a time when individuals rest, which is why babies have the maximum time for sleep.

With age, the secretion decreases, and this is why elderly people face difficulties in sleeping. Another reason for disruption of melatonin secretion is attributed to jet lag. Due to change in time zones, the biological clock gets disoriented, and hence, naturally the pineal glands face a disruption in their secretion function.

Effective melatonin supplements

This shift in the circadian rhythm can always be normalized. And this is where melatonin supplements come in handy. These supplements are easily available, and have been known to have the least side effects, when taken under medical surveillance. Studies have also shown how effective these melatonin supplements can be, when taken properly.

The rudimentary function of melatonin is to help your body get its due rest. Once, you resume activity subsequently, the rest becomes effective as you get to work, cutting off the disorientation.

Melatonin sleep supplements aid in the achievement of this goal. Doses between 1mg-5mg are favorable. However for beginners, a mild dose is advisable. Melatonin can be bought in the USA over the counter but in most European countries most Melatonin sleep aids are banned.

Listen to your doctor

Doctors advise drawing curtains and blinders during nighttime. Enhanced production of melatonin takes place in dark and cool conditions.

In cases where people take melatonin supplements, they need to bear a small point in mind. One needs to ensure that he/she is taking animal obtained melatonin. Melatonin obtained thus, is safer and also environment friendly.

As discussed before, artificial intake of melatonin is advisable only at the insistence of a medical practitioner. Even doctors and researchers advocate the natural ingestion of melatonin over the former.

Sleep is a vital physiological function. Hence, it is essential to have a regulated schedule of rest, along with properly spaced activity cycles. And this is what melatonin helps one gain.

It is always better to know the pros and cons of using melatonin for aiding your slumber.

Here are a few ways in which one can make the most of melatonin supplements.

Time the ingestion of the supplements in sync with natural signals

The biological clock raises the levels of melatonin two hours before one’s usual bedtime. Thus it is better to catalyze the supplement functions positively by yielding to these physiological signs. The following simple ways can help:

  • Keeping a distance of at least six inches from the television screen.
  • Stopping the use of computers and smartphones before going to bed.
  • Turning off bright lights.

The blue light from the screens of the smartphones and computers acts as neutralizers to the impact of melatonin. Use light filters to eliminate these lights if you’re working at night.

Using supplements in a prudent manner

One must use melatonin supplements as ancillaries. That’s why the amounts and the periods of consumption require constant medical surveillance.  You can monitor your supplement ingestion in the following ways:

  • Keep the dose between 1-3mg before bedtime.
  • Maintain regular intervals between continuous periods of ingestion.
  • Do not use melatonin if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or a patient of depression.

Hence, to optimize the results obtained from melatonin uk ingestion, make sure that proper checks and controls are in place. Sometimes, all your system requires is a little push to resume functioning at its usual pace.

And that is exactly what melatonin supplements help one do.

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