Do you think sunbathing is the only possible way to get tanned?

What if you get the secret to sport a perfect tanned body like your favourite celebrity? Do you think sunbathing is the only possible way to get tanned? Well, with fatal implications of sunbathing, people nowadays tend to follow sunless tanning methods. With products like melatonin, lotions, sprays and pills, you can easily get a tanned skin by being comfortably seated in your own home.

The pursuit to find a tanning treatment, including any side effects, which is free from harmful implications like skin cancer, skin aging has led to the emergence of sunless tanning treatments like tan injections. It is believed that the tanning solution which is taking this industry by storm is melatonin.

melatonin a dose of sunshine

About melatonin

The melatonin comprises of alpha-melanocyte that stimulates hormones in a way that it works like natural hormones present in your body. These alpha-melanocyte receptors help information of melanin that helps in the skin getting darkened, the natural way.

Dosage of a melatonin

Users need to follow certain dosage to induce the effect of sunless tanning. This dosage varies according to the user’s needs and preferences. You can judge this through the help of the Fitzpatrick skin graph chart.

According to Fitzpatrick analysis, people having extreme fair skin get burned always but never get tanned. Thus the person needs to have his regular dosage for a short period as he can quickly see visible tanning result on his skin. It was observed that-

  • People with fairer skin can have regular dosage in the form of 30-40 mg.
  • Those with medium skin tone should range their dosage ideally between 20-30 mg.
  • Darker skin tone users need to maintain a dosage of 10-20 mg.

The typical dosage range of melatonin is ideally between 0.5 mg to 2.0 mg on a regular basis. However, people who keep the dosage range between 0.5 to 1 mg are the ones who avail tanning results quickly. Once you achieve the tanning complexion you wanted, you need to have maintenance dosage only. This maintenance dosage gets reduced to once every 7 days. Once you reach the maintenance level of your tanning process, you can even judge the frequency of your dosage yourself.

Effectiveness of melatonin

Unlike the usual sun tanning process, the effectiveness of a melatonin is greater. Tan generated through these peptides last for a longer period of six months to a year if the person takes maintenance dosage. Even if you stop taking maintenance dosage after achieving your tan complexion, you can boost your tan buy taking hemp oil uk, the effects of this injection will last for several months.

The innovation of such tanning injections has made achieving a uniform tanned body possible without getting exposed to the damages of UV rays of the sun. Users can buy melatonin from any shop, retailer and doctors. There are online retailers who provide shipment of these tan injections throughout the world.

There is no point in waiting anymore! Quickly buy melatonin and have the best possible tanning treatment. Get your injection and achieve an even glowing skin without any effort!

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